Tuesday, September 22, 2015

World Wide Statistics

I hear there's a new version of Jane Eyre in the offing!
Blogger provides all kinds of interesting stats that can help inform the kind of blogging that is done.  Mostly, it’s not much of a surprise.  By far, those of us writing in English have a very large English-speaking audience. Malta, has been a long-time supporter.  I’m surprised, after actually meeting me, that Malta continues to maintain a special place in their heart.  Hi everyone!

But a few might surprise:

United States 12236
Russia 1074
France 649
Malta 576
Germany 405
Ukraine 346
United Kingdom 317
Turkey 176
Canada 174
Belgium 151

Pretty much says it all.
For example, hi Russia!  Coming in second to the United States might be a flashback of US propaganda, or maybe it’s just porn bot spammers crawling across the web and hitting this blog.  Either way, here’s a shout out to the comrades!

Germany.  Ja ja!

And France, you sexy nation.  Have a cigarette, a glass of wine, and a deep, gray-scale conversation on me!

Maybe it’s all one globe-trotting fan, dashing about the world, seeing amazing sites, eating exotic foods and, in the spare time at the airport, reading this blog.  Whatever the case, thanks to you all (or you one).  These numbers make my day.


  1. Man, I get almost no hits from Russia. I've got some from Trinidad & Tobago, Myanmar, and Nepal, though. I guess the Russians are still upset about "the incident".

    1. Yeah, but that was years ago. I thought for sure we'd worked all that out with Putin.