Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Take Cover!

HarrenPress contacted me yesterday.  It’s always nice to hear from one of my publishers (who isn’t rejecting
Everything is cool when you're part of a team!
me), and Jesse is a fellow writer and a friend, so we don’t always chat about my work.  This time it was about me, which is doubly nice.  My favorite subject.

Jesse was delivering nothing but good news yesterday, which was good because I was feeling extra stabby.  I don’t know if it was coming back to work from a nice three-day weekend, or all the projects that I didn’t get done, or maybe the commute with construction on-going for the past five years is just getting to me.  Either way, it was very welcome.

“Into A Watery Grave”, my first horror/steampunk short was accepted by Harren Press for their horror anthology which will feature Kevin J. AndersonYou probably already knew that.  The story was good enough that my name will appear on the cover alongside Mr. Anderson’s (haha).  I was really pleased with how the story turned out, and the world felt really alive to me.  So much so, that I gave the main character, Aubrey Hartmann, a second short story, which Harren Press is also publishing.

Constable Hartmann may return in a novel length adventure sometime in the near future, as soon as Hell Becomes Her is finished and off to the publisher.