Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Dragons, and Steampunks, and Horror Anthologies OH MY!

Coming soon, to a charred village near you!

HarrenPress released its schedule for the upcoming months.  Not long of a wait for a few new stories by yours truly, and some other excellent authors!

Hopeful August Releases:

1. The Bone Sword by Walter Rhein

2. Chords of Charis by Jesse Duckworth and Brian Woods

3. Gleanings From the Fields of Life - A Psychic's Guide to the Galaxy - by Ruth Lordan

Hopeful September Releases:

1. The Dormancy of Harren (anthology) – includes my short story He Who Tells the Tale

2. A Song of Atonement by Jesse Duckworth

Hopeful October Releases:

1. In Shambles (anthology) featuring Kevin J Anderson – includes my short story And Into A Watery Grave

2. Raiders of the Seventh Planet by Roy C Booth and Eric Heideman

Hopeful November Releases:

1. Gears, Gadgets, and Steam (anthology) – includes my short story Grenadiers and Dragon’s Fire

2. Cloud Caller by Roy C Booth and Brian Woods

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