Friday, May 16, 2014


Of course it's that pretty.  All the time.

I’m leaving today to sell my brother into slavery . . . no, no.  Sorry, that’s Old Testament stuff.

I’m leaving today to witness my brother marrying the love of his life.  The only down side is I have to get to Kalamazoo, Michigan and I live in Southern California.  So this will require a bus ride, two planes and a late night commute to the B&B where we’re all staying.

Upside here is I’m taking my oldest son who, even at 6 years old is a better traveler than I ever was.  Two years ago I took him with me to visit old high school friends in Reno, Nevada, and he thought it was the greatest adventure ever.

We’ll see how he does after two solid days of travelling.

Of course, as soon as I got home yesterday he asked, “Can we get packed?”

Yeppers, that’s my boy!

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