Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Grenadiers and Dragon's Fire

Courtesy of Mr. Bell.
Thank you, sir!

In case you’re not following me on Facebook, I made the Battle Mountain Bugle last week.  I had a lovely interview with Heather Hill who was excited to speak with me because she adores fantasy and science fiction.  It was really cool being interviewed for a piece about my writing with one of my old hometowns.

Unfortunately, while I can provide you with a link to the online site, they charge for their content.  But Heather promised to drop a couple copies of the paper in the mail for me, so I’ll transcribe them and post them up here for your reading pleasure.

In other news, I finished up another short story.  This story is called Grenadiers and Dragon’s Fire.  This is for a steampunk genre crossover from Harren Press.  The premise is all healthy steampunk, complete with some air ships and assorted gear mechanisms, but for my crossover I put some fantasy elements in, as the title indicates.

This actually came about because I was working on another short story for Harren Press, this time a crossover with some horror elements.  I enjoyed the character and world I created so much, I had to revisit it.

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