Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Agent Query Letter

Here’s the letter I’m going to start sending out to agents and see if there are any bites.  Thoughts?

Dear Agent,

What I found most interesting about Tomoe Gozen, the only true female samurai, is that after her last battle, she disappears completely from history.  I set out to tell the rest of her story, and capture her strength and ability in the book THE SECOND CUT.

When Tomoe Gozen’s lord is defeated in his last battle, she’s ordered to flee with his head and one final duty to complete.  Wounded, exhausted and pursued on all sides by enemies, she must make her way through a forest of obstacles using every skill, strategy and trick she knows.  Tomoe will have to rely on the lowest and most untrustworthy to help her achieve her final goal.

Her dedication to bushido, the way of the warrior, the very stuff that has defined her life, will be tested and tempered.  She’ll find herself trusting a peasant with the heart of a warrior, and welcoming ronin into her inner circle.  But will it be enough?

If author Bernard Cornwell were to write a samurai novel, THE SECOND CUT would be it.

THE SECOND CUT is a completed historic fiction novel of 86,300 words.  I’ve been a writer both professionally and creatively for nearly two decades.  I was born under a wandering star that led to a degree in Communication and English with a focus on creative writing. My adventure/fantasy short stories "Through the Sting of Fairy Smoke" was published in the “Nine Heroes: Heroic Fantasy” "He Who Tells the Tale" and “Into a Watery Grave” will be published through Harren Press.

I look forward to discussing how your agency can represent my work.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.


RobRoy McCandless

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