Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Good News for Tuesday - Tears of Heaven Available a Day Early

You heard right!  Tears of Heaven will be available tomorrow, Wednesday, December 4th, ONE DAY EARLY through Wild Child Publishing!

"A second sail moved swiftly upon the waves . . . They were doomed."
The pirates were everywhere.  They grew from the very sea and rose from the spray and the mist.  The fight was hot and thick, even as the ocean shot up waves, and rain sliced down around the combatants.  Blood and water mixed so that the planks became treacherous ground.  Not a few sailors found the deck too slick to stand upon, and slid over the railing and into their doom.

Dami smashed his short sword into a Cilician pirate’s face and spun to face a new opponent.  He bled from a half-dozen small cuts.  Nothing serious, and only a few that would require needle and thread.  But they gave fire and pain to him and sucked at his strength like a leech.

His newest opponent was felled by a well-timed blow from a cudgel Dami captured sometime during the fight.  The man fairly tossed it to him as Dami cut a deep gash into his neck and throat.  He thanked Poseidon, Ares and any other gods for the luck he’d been granted this day.

For a moment, he was given a respite from the fight, and he took stock of his men.  It looked as if they would hold their own, and the deck would be swept clean.  Already a few had managed to cut the grapples that kept Wavedancer a prisoner of the pirates’ faster, sleeker ship.  Dami turned his head to see if he couldn’t find Aeolus or Paetur in this mess, and said another small prayer for his two friends and his other men.

Then he cursed.

A second sail moved swiftly upon the waves.  Its cut and sails matched it to the Cilician ship that held Wavedancer and his crew.

They were doomed.

You only have one more day to pre-order Tears of Heaven before the release!

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