Wednesday, December 4, 2013

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Thrilling danger, fast-paced adventure, high-seas action, and heart-warming romance fill this novel, with a page-turning story that won't let you put it down.

Del unwillingly works for the Throne, obeying the commands of the angel Ahadiel. She helps to keep the world safe from the horrors of escaped demons. At the same time, she keeps herself in the Throne's good graces. Whenever a rogue demon breaks free from Hell, she and her partner, Marrin, another Nephilim, work together to banish it.


The first two bullets were fired too quickly and aimed more on instinct and a vague sense of movement.  Old westerns of the main street quick-draw gun fight were laughable.  It was incredibly rare for someone to be able to hit anything but dirt with a shot from the hip.

Del’s shots didn’t fare much better.

They impacted the drywall that divided the bedroom from the bathroom.  She could hear them pop and shatter wall tiles in the bathroom.  She hoped, distantly, that the walls stopped the slugs, or slowed them to the point that no innocents were hurt.

She couldn’t even recall what ammunition she was using.

Vaguely, she thought there was a grunt of pain.  But the rogue didn’t slow down.

She fired two more rounds and hoped they found their mark.  The rogue got hit twice in the chest but kept coming right at her.  This body in motion was going to stay in motion regardless of what ammunition she used.  She made a choice only a hair’s-breadth before one was made for her, and tried to step aside.  The rogue traveled past, and there was a brief tug before her shoulder was jerked violently.  Her body spun to follow. Fabric tore and and pain lanced into her arm.

Her shoulder bag was caught by the launched rogue.

It jerked Del from her feet and toward the balcony.

Del had a vague impression of a feminine form before she and the rogue crashed into, and through, the sliding-glass door.  The air became filled with sparkling razorblades.  Stings and slices opened up all over her exposed face, arms, and hands.

A hundred tiny cuts that oozed blood.

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