Monday, December 2, 2013

Final Countdown: Four Days

You only have four more days to pre-order Tears of Heaven before the release!

". . . she didn't remember thumbing the safety off . . ."
She didn’t notice Ahadiel until she was stopped at a red light.

“You may put away your weapon,” Ahadiel said.  His gaze was focused on hers, and the same uncomfortable shiver trickled through her spine as she looked into his pupil-less depths.  Deep, dark blue that swirled the longer she stared. 

Ahadiel was near perfect.  He was dark-skinned, a color that always reminded her of a Hershey’s chocolate bar.  His was well-formed and looked as if he worked out every day, though Del knew he didn’t.  Even had he needed to, his duties would have prevented it.  He was half a head taller and a good hundred or more pounds heavier.  His head looked close-shaved, but he had no need for a razor, a haircut, or even a shower and deodorant.  He looked exactly the same today as he had two hundred years ago, and exactly as he would two hundred from now.

Right down to the half-smile which always seemed to signify that he was in on a joke the rest of the world would never know.

Weapon? she thought.  Her mind locked down on the thought, and she looked down at her left hand.

She was obviously more exhausted than she realized.

The SIG was cradled in her left hand and cupped by her lap.  It was aimed directly at Ahadiel’s nose, her finger curled around the trigger.  She didn’t remember thumbing the safety off, but as she changed the focus of her eyes she could see that it was.  Slowly, calmly, she thumbed the safety back on and slid the SIG back under her right arm.

“I wish you would just call,” she said.  The rush of exertion overcame her, and she slumped back into her seat.  She needed sleep and nothing more strenuous than lifting a glass of absinthe.  In her current state, her right arm wouldn’t be able to manage even that.

“That . . . technology,” Ahadiel said the word with as much scorn as she’d ever heard from him, “does not work for the divine.”

“Exactly,” Del replied.

You only have four more days to pre-order Tears of Heaven before the release!

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