Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Bee Book Reviews - Tears of Heaven

Bee Book Reviews was kind enough to read and review Tears of Heaven.  They provided a very nice review of the book with a Five Honeypot rating.  

This totally made me feel like a really-real author.

Like one with talent and stuff!

Here’s a brief blurb from their site:

Tears is an amazing blend of character development and storytelling, using many elements to create an intriguing tale that I think will easily appeal to both male and female readers, especially those who love supernatural/fantasy genre.  I found it immensely interesting, and enjoyed, the author’s use of ideology (or what some might consider theology a more accurate term) to further both the character and story advancement.  I often found myself wondering about things in my own life or how I look at parts of life but at no time did I feel that the author was preaching to me or trying to make me think about life.

Please click this link, check out my review, and some of the others that Bee Book Reviews has provided.  They have some truly wonderful content for the genre reader.

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