Thursday, July 25, 2013

My World

A few days ago, I submitted my manuscript to my editor.  I feel so grown up saying that.

My editor.

I’ve found myself casually throwing around the reference to let others know just how grown up I am.

“My editor was talking to me the other day . . .”

“I have to let my editor know . . .”

“So my editor said . . .”


Sometimes this is accompanied by a little happy dance, usually on the nearest table followed immediately by an escort of security.  It’s fabulous.

Anyhow, I submitted my manuscript, eager to received comments like, “Perfect!” “A real page-turner!!” “Instant classic!!!”  “Five star writing!!!!!!!!!!!”

Warning: Multiple exclamation points are always a sign of the exponential emotions which my writing elicits.  Read with caution!!!!!!!!!!

The comment I did receive was, “Great!  You’re third in line.”


Thu.  Urd.

Oh yeah.  I’m not the only writer in the world.  I’m just the only writer in MY world.

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