Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wheels Keep On Turning

I have to give it up to my “mechanic” shop.  I put it in quotes, because I’ve come to trust and rely on Firestone.  This isn’t a commercial, and I’m sure someone out there has had a negative experience with them.  Heck, I’ve had a few myself, but nothing that couldn’t be worked out with some additional communication.  Today, they told me that the tires on my wife’s minivan needed to be replaced.  It’s been a couple years, but still a bit early.  We bought these tires from Firestone, which they knew immediately from our service record, and so we were offered a nice discount.

Everyone comes out smiling.


  1. Shilling for the auto industry now? Shame on you. The older I get, the more confusion I have over why shit costs so much. My last set of truck tires cost me 1800 bucks. I get the big mud and snows (we live in Reno you know), but this crap should not cost what it does. Food, clothing and mechanical help all seems to cost more than it should. You know ... I sound like an old guy ...

    1. I hear ya! Fortunately, replacing two tires (plus lube, oil, and alignment) got me for just under $400 ($350 with my Firestone discount!). Technically, we should be able to drive in anything, but thankfully, we don't have to put that to the test.