Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Search Goes On

A few quick thoughts.  

After leaving the nanny job interview, don’t mix up the number of the “guy you met at the gas station” with your potential boss.  Also, you might want to reconsider the short shorts and a very (very!) revealing top.  

Sure, it’s casual after you get the job.  But that’s AFTER YOU GET THE JOB.


  1. Day 1 as Rob's new nanny: wear a formal dress
    Day 2 as Rob's new nanny: wear a smart business suit.
    Day 3 as Rob's new nanny: T shirt, no bra.
    Day 4 as Rob's new nanny: pasties, carry bag of coke right out in the open.

  2. Nothing guarantees a happy marriage like a half naked 22 year old girl running around the house. That screams tradition, think Wally and the Beaver (or something).

    1. "You were pretty hard on the Beaver, don't you think, Ward?"