Monday, June 10, 2013

The B-Team

If you have a manuscript
If you need readers
And if you can find them
Maybe, just maybe you can hire . . . The B-Team

I have what I consider an excellent beta team of readers.  Some of them are writers themselves, though not in my particular genre.  Some of them are aficionados.  All are equally important.  The writers, I enjoy, because they read with a writer’s eye, so they want to actually make my writing better, clearer, cleaner.

Of course, there’s the old joke about how many writers it takes to change a light bulb: Six.  One to change it and the other five to say they could have written a character with better motivation, deeper insight and wittier dialogue!

The genre fans, though, are my favorite.  As I told one friend, “You're the kind of reader I want to write for, so I was a) thrilled you were willing to read b) thrilled you were reading and c) thrilled you enjoyed it.

I figure if the writers and the fans agree that the story is compelling and fun, then I might be doing something right with my writing.


  1. As a beta reader, I appreciate your analysis. It is tough to ever find people willing to read your shit ... over and over and over again. My wife is my #1 beta reader, and in fact, she spent all day Sunday line editing the latest version of "Guy Parts" so I could send it off again. It seems to never stop.

    1. My wife is also my #1 beta reader (thanks, hunny!). She's a non-fan (except of me), and a non-writer, so her input is especially good. If she likes something, really likes it, then I think I'm on the right track.