Monday, June 17, 2013

History's Mysteries

As a writer, it’s very exciting to be living in the Information Age.  New, exciting, scary, exhilarating events seem to happen on a daily basis projecting us forward.  But what’s even better is that our understanding of the past becomes a little clearer.  As a genre writer in both heroic fantasy and historic fiction, I find this very appealing.  Our vision of specific eras has been growing more and more real as scientists make new discoveries and that information passes from the esoteric to the mainstream.  Rome wasn’t built, nor did it fall, in a day.  The light of civilization and learning was never snuffed, and the Dark Ages is a complete misnomer.

All this information might seem overwhelming, but I find it refreshing.  I love to get my writerly-hooks into some juicy historical data and mull it over.  Even better, I like to fill in the blanks on what historians and scientists don't yet know.  If I’m doing it right (and not just following a whim of curiosity) I get a lovely set of events or characters out of the effort.  It adds a very real dimension to my stories that resonates, and I (and hopefully my readers) enjoy.

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