Monday, October 22, 2018

Mind the Game Apps

Did I mention the dirigible?

My boys, at least the older two, are total gamers.  The youngest one is like me and can take or leave gaming.

I tend to find a game or two for my Kindle and play them endlessly.  For awhile, I was playing “Age of Conquest: Europe” which like Risk without the dice—take that Irkutsk!  I tried CandyCrush for a bit, but the sales pitch to move to the next level was making my teeth ache.  Samurai vs. Zombie Defense was groovy—especially the part where I get to be a samurai defeating zombies! DungeonQuest was a decent hack-and-slash, until the character advancement stopped. Lifeline was impressive, but because of the delay in messaging, it lacked replay value.  Plague, Inc. is pretty decently fun, and I pop back into it every now and then to try to destroy the world with some virus or microphage. Stick War: Legacy kept me going for a year or so, especially the tournament mode.

Recently, REDCON has been my go to. There’s a kind of steampunk/dieselpunk quality to the setting that I really groove on, and they have dirigibles!  The story is fair, and it has a nice twist ending.  I’d like some additional play options, and an actual concluding fight, rather than the still image and text explanation, but for all that, it's satisfying in its own right.  I've replayed it three or four times now.

Also, there are dirigibles!

What’s your favorite game app? Tell me in the comments below!


  1. Castle Clash. I play it on my Kindle.


      Castle Clash, by IGG