Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Marketing Covers for Flames of Perdition Part 2

Hey, thanks for staying with me through the Thanksgiving holiday.  Had a great time with the family—turns out they’re really nice people.  Also, as mentioned a few weeks ago, I went ahead with the next marketing cover for Hell Becomes Her.  I’m still not sure how these will play out, but they are quite lovely, on theme, and on point.

See?  Lovely!  Totally a “Del” cover.  I’m going ahead and having one made for Company of the Damned and will release that to y’all shortly.

I will also have some good/great news in the next week about an upcoming release.  If that wasn’t enough, I will also have some news about a new project that fans of Del should be excited to hear.

Finally, stay tuned for my travelogue to the North Pole aboard the Polar Express!