Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Marketing Covers for Flames of Perdition

A lot of things have gone wrong over the past year, but a lot of things have gone very, very right.  One of the things that went really, really well is a marketing version of the current covers for Flames of Perdition series (the Del/angel books).  I found some fun images that I wanted incorporated together (perhaps for an omnibus version of the books) and found an artist on Fiverr who works cheap—Bobooks.

For sixteen bucks, it’s actually a really good cover.  Technically, I had unlimited revisions—which is a lot like kicking over every motorcycle outside a biker bar and taking all-comers.  This came together almost immediately, and I only had minor changes to make.

Don't tell Del she only cost $16.
Based on this little success, I’m going to go ahead and build out some marketing covers for Hell Becomes Her and Company of the Damned.  

Keep watching this space for the updates.

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