Friday, January 6, 2017


The best inauguration!
The problem with boycotting Trump is that you can’t boycott him.  Oh, sure, you can actively refuse to watch the inauguration, which some folk are calling for.  Or, you can passively miss it as most Americans probably will.

Trump doesn’t care.

Without peering into a crystal ball or laying down cards, I can tell you right now Trump will declare victory where none exists.  He did it during the campaign.  He did it during the debates.  He did it after the election.

Missing his inauguration won’t change a thing.

Any time Trump has been taken to the mat on something, he’s simply doubled-down, explained how he was a winner and his critics were losers, and that he’d won.

Unlike any previously elected president from whatever party, we can’t trust anything Trump tells us.

That’s the reality for the next four years.

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