Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Down but Not Out

Somethings seems . . . wrong, and yet so right!
As Sam said to Bill the Pony, “Well, I’m back.”

At least that’s how I remember the story going.  Painkillers are a wonderful thing.  Don’t let anyone tell you differently—unless, of course, it’s your doctor and then she’s probably right.

2017 is off to a stunning start.  I signed a new contract with Zumaya Publications.  Updates about new covers for Tears of Heaven and Hell Becomes Her will follow.  Submissions of short stories have also occurred, so as news comes up about those will also follow.

Sitting for long periods (except in my easy chair) is still a bit tricky, so longer updates won’t be a thing for a week or two yet.

Goodbye 2016.  You were a hard, hard year.

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