Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Not Dead Yet!

I always thought lightening was involved.
Deciding that post-op recovery wasn’t nearly challenging enough, I opted to pick up whatever strain of the flu I wasn’t immunized for.

It’s been a real treat.

I’ve successfully coughed up both lungs and started in on some other major organs, but only a small portion at a time—ya know, for the lolz.

On that cheery note, an old friend of mine, the same who gave me the infamous bookmark, is visiting with his family this week.  I managed, through a cocktail of various over-the-counter cold and flu “remedies” to be human for most of that time.  It was a double treat, as a mutual friend of ours who is also near-and-dear to me (and local) also managed to stop over for a couple of hours.

The homestead was rife with the screams, shrilled, manic cries and more screams of at least ten children.  I can’t be certain, but at least four of them appeared to have manufactured a transmogrifier and generated duplicates to increase the noise level.

The best part (aside from catching up with my friends) was that the oldest daughter is something of a writer.  I read some of her work, and was reasonably impressed, and we sat and discussed writing as a career (hahaha) and some of the basic components of writing.

If there’s anything writers like to do more than writing (or drink heavily), it’s talk about writing!

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