Monday, June 29, 2015

Welcome to the Dragon Show

Beware the dragons for you are crunchy
and taste good with ketchup!
In every anthology there is something for everyone—some solid stories and real gems.  That is definitely the case with the diverse “Heroika 1: Dragon Eaters” edited by Janet Morris.  The stories, which all center on dragons, range from classic myths from England, Greece and Egypt to wide-eyed futures.

Most of the stories take a gritty, grimy approach to the business of dragons and dragon slaying.  Huge, mythical creatures whose mass alone make them impressive, have added bonuses of breathing fire and, in some cases, super-intelligence.  Walter Rhein’s “Aquila of Oyos” was such a gem, a short story in the truest sense, a reader can finish it easily in a single sitting, but will consider the implications for days after.  I greatly enjoyed “Of Blood and Scales,” by AL Butcher and “The Wyght Wyrm” by Cas Peace.

Dragons inspire our imagination in the most basic sense of all that is fantasy.  These authors have taken their task to focus on dragons, the world they inhabit and the warriors to fight them.  They’ve captured very well that essence of fantasy and the fantastic.  “Heroika 1: Dragon Eaters” edited by Janet Morris is definitely worth the price of admission.

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