Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Hell is Coming

And you thought Del was angry before!
Angels should be a human’s worst nightmare embodied.

Del didn’t think there was anything worse than angels, or their fallen kin, demons.  She and her partner Marrin Del, helped to keep the world safe from the horrors of escaped demons for generations.  But when her adopted daughter is kidnapped by a shadowy group, Del will find that the world is even more dangerous than she suspected.

There are worse things than angels and demons.

Hell Becomes Her.  Coming soon.

Cover art releasing sooner.

“Let’s get this over with,” Del said. 
She pulled one of her SIGs and aimed it at Jane.  She kept her finger off the trigger, resting on the guard. The mortal woman froze where she stood, slightly stooped over and uncomfortable.  The concern on Jane’s face melted into anger and fear.  Del didn’t care if the woman hated her right now.  She gestured with the gun for Jane to stand up straight.
“Tell me,” Del ordered, “and be honest.  Were you in on it?”
Jane tensed.  “Are you serious?”
Del narrowed her eyes.
“Life isn’t a movie where everyone wears white hats and black hats,” Del said.  “Even if we did, they’d be all different shades of the rainbow.  Everyone has an agenda, and it only rarely lines up with mine.  You’re here.  Armed men break into my place.  I’d be a fool not to see a connection.”
“I’m here because of a connection made six months ago,” Jane said through clenched teeth.  “A connection you made.  You agreed to me coming to Detroit.  You gave me safe passage.  Joshua didn’t have to ask.  It’s a free country.  He did it as a courtesy because this is your town and we want to stay in good standing with you.”
Del’s finger curled off the guard and onto the trigger.  She wasn’t completely certain of her aim in her current state, but she focused on Jane’s right shoulder.  A gunshot wound there would cause plenty of pain, immobilize the right-handed woman, but otherwise shouldn’t be deadly.
At the moment, Del didn’t care if Jane did die.  Marrin would be upset, but that was a bridge she’d cross and burn later.  Jordan was all that mattered.
“Answer the rutting question,” Del replied.
Jane changed tactics.  Her face softened and she gave Del a small smile.
“Del, listen—”
Del cocked the SIG’s hammer with an unmistakable click-click of finality.  It was completely unnecessary on the semi-automatic, but the sound was scary to most people.  A scary sound could be better than a litany of threats.
“Jane, listen,” Del repeated Jane’s words back to her.  “I’ve been assaulted, threatened, handcuffed, drugged and my daughter has been kidnapped.  I’m so . . . tired, right now.  I’m tired, I’m angry, and I’m armed.  You know who I am.  You know what I am.  I know you can handle yourself and you like to sleep with Marrin.  That doesn’t make us besties by any stretch.”
Jane put her hands up and took a step toward Del.  It was a good tactic.  If Jane could get close enough, put Del off her guard, she might be able to disarm or draw down on her.  More anger and frustration flooded into Del.
“Do you really want to test me?” she asked and shook the SIG for emphasis.
Jane froze.
“Answer.  The.  Question.”

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