Thursday, February 12, 2015

Mr. Jackman's Cause

Not an American, but has played them on stage.

Yesterday, actor Hugh Jackman shot out a photo of himself wearing a black bracelet for the Not One More / Everytown movement, and asked for others to support it.  Everytown is, according to their site, “. . . a movement of Americans working together to end gun violence and build safer communities.”  Hugh Jackman is Australian, but aside from the awesome accent and impressive abs (that just won't quit), he's essentially American . . . 

But I digress.

Everytown has four major planks to advance their goal: close loopholes in background checks, keep guns away from domestic abusers, educate gun-owning parents about safe gun practices, and advance stronger gun trafficking laws.

The movement does not, anywhere that I can find, advocate for banning guns (which would seem the simpler answer to me, but I'm just one man talkin' here).

Yet the comments and accusations leveled at Mr. Jackman, most obscene, vitriolic and pandering to politics, made it seem as if he’d come out and suggested just that.  It appears none of the 'Merica-loving, gun-totin', insult-slingin' masses had actually done the footwork to see what was being advocated.  Instead, they performed that most 'Merican of pastimes: spout knee-jerk reactions, threaten acts of violence and—most shocking—advocate boycotting Jackman’s movies.

This is beyond appalling.

I'm sorry.  I can't hear you over the sound of
As Americans, can we not separate the art from the artist?  Are we truly willing to give up watching Jackman portray ultra-violent characters because he supports a lower firearm death rate in one of the most advanced nations on the planet?  Who will eat the jumbo buttered popcorn swimming in butter-flavoring, and drink the extra-extra super-sized 128 ounce soft drinks?  Who will snarf down the nachos with cheese-flavored sauce* or the mystery-meat hotdogs** a half-dozen at a time?  Who, I ask you, will talk, loudly, to their friends, spouses, co-workers, complete strangers during the movie while simultaneously texting, tweeting and instagramming?

I’m not even certain “instagramming” is a word.

You get the idea, right?

This is ‘Merica, damnit, and we have the right, NAY, the obligation to sit in uncomfortable seats with our feet on sticky floors, while an infant screams at the top of his lungs and pretend to enjoy movies.

Friends, don’t let the politicians win on this one.  Click this link, donate $25, and tell them we will not go quietly into the night.  We will go, talking loudly on our smartphones, ignoring our families, and complaining about the portrayal of comic book heroes!


*Cheese flavored sauce doesn’t not contain actual cheese and is not affiliated with cheese in any way, shape or form.
** May or may not contain actual dogs.


  1. Nice, thank you for writing this. I have ordered mine.

    1. You're very welcome. Thank you for supporting!

  2. Ordered mine immediately. It is a shame that some gun owners are too dim to understand the difference between being opposed to violence and being opposed to guns.

    1. Agreed. To much knee-jerk reaction, and not enough thought. Thank you for supporting!

  3. I have a huge problem with this post and that is the depiction of all movie theaters as being detritus-strewn dens of gooey floored ear pollution. Our movie theaters in NorCal are clean, have couches and serve expensive beer by the pint...oh and nacho plates that tower to the vaulted ceilings. They also encase the wailing, poopy underaged patrons in a room filled with viscous sound-and-stink-proof gel behind a large glass window, so you can always rest assured that the underaged patrons are tumbling happily ensconced as you enjoy your real-buttered popcorn.
    All movie theaters and movie theater patron are NOT alike, Mr.!

    1. It's just like a liberal elite from the West Coast to try to tell us how to make things better. WAKE UP SHEEPLE!