Friday, February 20, 2015

Armchair Blasphemy Podcast Launches!

While it’s more than true that I’m shallow, self-involved and overly-dramatic, I’m also holier-
We're just like Pirate Radio—only we're not pirates,
and we're not on the radio.
than-thou, and along with a couple of friends, I’m out to prove it.

Armchair Blasphemy is the name, and general commentary is the game.  Along with my good buddies Edwin Lyngar of fame, and Dr. Richard Incognito of unknown fame, we’re going to talk about anything and everything that takes our fancy.

We might even take your fancy.

If you tell us where it is.

Our first, of many, podcasts are now out.  As soon as we hit the magic five, we'll be available for download on iTunes and everywhere fine podcasts are offered for free.

Join us, won’t you, and wrap yourself in the narcissistic warmth of our dulcet tones.

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