Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Cowboy State

Cody, Wyoming.   

Not exactly the vacation tip that everyone is bragging about this season.  Mostly because no one is. 
You ain't from around here, is ya?
I’m going there for funeral services for my grandmother who passed last weekend.

Apparently, you cannot Priceline negotiate a low-end hotel deal in Cody, Wyoming.

The List View, which shows the stated rates at reasonable/popular hotels reflects the going prices, and usually you can cut those by 20% up to 60% and William Shatner’s well-dressed Negotiator will leap into action, to get you the deal, if not on the first try, then on the second or third with some tweaking of your needs.

Not so in Cody, Wyoming.  With a five day forecast in the mid-60s, Cody hotels seem to pride themselves on their mid-level accommodations, same-ole-same-ole double occupancy rooms, and never-negotiate-on-a-price prices.

This is the first time in literal years that Priceline has failed to find a reduced hotel rate.

Visit Modern Downtown Cody!
Ahh, well.  The booked rate is hardly that bad, and it’s a warm room with what I assume is a wood-shingled roof of no to few leaks that, this early in the season, has yet to see any cows or other livestock.  I’m not going to pack my cowboy boots because Southern California reeks from my non-farmer tan and liberal-plus outlook.

Without an open carry sidearm, I have no real credibility whatsoever.  My only hope is to fly in, keep my sunglasses on tight, and fly back out.  Here’s hoping.

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