Tuesday, October 29, 2013

One Month

I’m a joykill.

A friend of mine made up a story about a humorous picture.  The picture doesn’t matter.  I pointed out that one of his key elements was incorrect.  That doesn’t matter either.  He told me, “It would be better if it had been correct.”  That’s what matters.  That’s why we write. 
We try to make reality is better.

A month.

A little over a month.

After questing for decades to publish one of my books, in a little over a month it will happen.

Tears of Heaven will go from being a manuscript that I passed around to curious friends and family, to being an honest-to-goodness book with my name on the cover.

The indie publishing route was never for me.  A good, solid editor was something that I definitely needed.  In just a few short months, I learned a great deal about writing and story-telling.  Every revision, I felt my book getting stronger.  I was telling the story clearer, connecting with the potential audience.

Now, it’s all about to pay off.  Royalty checks do not need to rain down from the sky (though I won’t put up a fuss if they do).  I’ll get to see my name listed on the major seller sites.

We write to make reality better.  But sometimes reality gets it right.

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