Thursday, September 12, 2013

Dantooine? Do You Mean Tantooine?

Here’s a quick update on Tears of Heaven.

Book cover: my artist is awesome.  We have one concept completed and we’re close to finishing the second.  After that, it’s just approval and edits (which shouldn’t take long) and that piece is done.

Edits: I can’t say enough good things about my editor.  She has my book’s best interests at heart, and she’s willing to fight to my last drop of blood to get it there.  Trouble is, I’m not nearly as smart as I think, and despite the eighteen-thousand-five-hundred-and-forty-three different ways she’s tried to teach me certain concepts, I just can’t grasp it.

The more I tighten my grip, the more gray cells slip through my fingers.

But I promised her I would soldier on, and I’m doing that.

Still looking toward a release this fall!

Tears of Heaven 2013!


  1. Well, I commented earlier on this, and it seems that the virtual gods ate it. Sigh. "eighteen-thousand-five-hundred-and-forty-three different ways"

    HA I thought it was eighteen-thousand-five-hundred-and-forty-five different ways . . . .

    1. You can keep those last two ways to yourself! ;)