Friday, June 28, 2019

The Day Before and Yesterday

I'll take pretty much any excuse to get my shirt off!

Crohn’s is kinna a crappy disease to have. It causes inflammation/swelling in the digestive system, which causes bloating, cramping, and pain. At the point where the pain is a real problem you can’t take a narcotic, because they slow down your digestive system, which is your problem to begin with!

While I’m always in some level of pain, it’s usually minor enough that I’m used to it. I don’t really notice it unless someone—like my doctor or nurse—asks about it. It’s just part of the daily grind.

Then, there are days like yesterday.

To be more specific, Wednesday evening through Thursday morning.

When I finally had some relief, my stomach felt like a used punching bag. Not the kind that you can pick up on Cragistlist either.

Broken, bruised inside and out, and in no condition to be of use to anyone.

It’s not the worst pain event I’ve suffered through, but it certainly wasn’t something I couldn’t shrug off. It was one of the times I had to seriously consider going to the E.R.

I’m never wholly sure what the trigger might be. Stress, to be certain. Sometimes foods don’t agree with me.

Either way, it’s not a fun time.

But I’m still here. Yep, I’m still here.

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