Monday, March 11, 2019

Memories of Daylight Stupid Times Past

Everything is not awesome.

My family used to be informed about Daylight Stupid Time when we’d show up an hour early/late for church. I’d stare at the empty parking lot and wonder if everyone had finally given up on this wacky religion!

Alas, it was only a short reprieve. Sometimes, out of frustration with our earliness/tardiness, the government insistence on this eccentric time shift, or maybe life in general, we’d go to the store, pick up Danish pastry, and go home. There would probably be a John Wayne movie on, so the day wasn’t a complete waste.

This past weekend, I gave up my Saturday to take a single speech competitor to the State qualifying tournament. She’s an excellent student, and last year, with very little prep, took 7th overall. This year, she had even less prep, so in a way I hopeful that she wouldn’t break to the second day, and I could spend it lobbying against yet another hour lost to Daylight Stupid Time.

Alas, her skills as a speaker and mine as a coach won out, and she went to semi-finals on Sunday.


Unfortunately, that’s where our collective abilities ran out, and she didn’t get to the finals round with a shot at State. There’s still the National qualifying tournament, which we’ll now look toward, so all is not lost this year.

Sunday was still a trial, but not nearly as much as today, the first Monday of Daylight Stupid Time. I had to actually get up an hour early and try to navigate along dark roads with all the other people who were both tired and angry that they had to do the same. To misquote 2NU, Daylight Stupid Time creates a society whose prevailing philosophy is, “Why make small problems when you can create a nuclear holocaust?” and they maintain that philosophy while driving.

Well, I’m pounding down the caffeine now, trying to walk that thin line between awake and tasting colors.  Best of luck to all of you suffering through Daylight Stupid Time.

You are not alone.

What’s your strategy for overcoming Daylight Stupid Time?  Tell me in the comments below!

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  1. I'm so moving to Arizona. Or to that one county in Indianois somewheres, one of those lands that Daylight Savings Time forgot.