Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Raindrops on Roses—Hell Becomes Her Cover Reveal

So here it is, the cover reveal for HELL BECOMES HER!

The release date for the book is Friday, January 18th.  Unlike some other releases, I see no reason this one shouldn’t hit as scheduled.

*knocks on wood, touches iron, throws salt, eats bacon*

After that, I have some decisions to make.  COMPANY OF THE DAMNED has been finished for some time. It still needs a review, but it’s finished.  SINS OF THE THRONE (the Jane Ivey adventure) is not finished.  Chronologically, it exists between the events of HELL BECOMES HER and COMPANY OF THE DAMNED. It’s a standalone, in that it centers not on Del, but on Jane.

In fact, Del is at best a supporting character.

So, the question is: would you rather read the final book about Del—COMPANY OF THE DAMNED.  Or would you rather read the Jane book, SINS OF THE THRONE?  Tell me in the comments below.


  1. I'd rather read the last Del book soon enough I don't have to read the previous Del books again.

    - Noël

    1. Thanks Noel! Either way, the Del book will release next year.

  2. I could read the Jane book while I waited for Dell's last book. That would be fine.

  3. I always put Company before Sin.

    That's a lie, of course. I don't. But you should, because I'm company.