Monday, December 17, 2018

Mrs. Y's Review

You think you want to meet an angel . . .
. . . but you really don't.

Tears of Heaven received a lovely review from blogger Mrs. Y.  I’ve actually played Diablo, but the first one, and nothing really since.  I had no idea there were Nephilim in the series . . . which is really cool!

For anyone paying attention to my joys and loves, I love sea-related stories, and I really enjoy warrior stories. Something about fighting has me thinking of tales like these with fondness. If anything, a decent warrior story or even a sea fighting story is the comfort food of my book collection. I was tickled pink to see a story that mixed a decent sea fare with fighting in a modern sense. Time to get yourself some iron guys, and I don’t mean vitamins, I mean metal. We are going to dive off the stern for a review of “Tears of Heaven” By R.A McCandless.

R.A. McCandless for those who do not know is on Twitter and I follow him. I was happy to know he followed me back, and one lovely day he asked me to review his book and was very kind, and he sent me a free copy of it to read. He did say he wanted an honest review, and like all my reviews, this is one. It is a joy to provide my impressions of the books from soup to nuts. I also want to go on record to say this is a great book to start with reading his work.

I’ve been a big sick this past week.  What’s your favorite home remedy for colds?  Tell me in the comments below!

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