Friday, June 30, 2017

Tears of Heaven - First Chapter

What’s this?  You haven’t read Tears of Heaven yet, and don’t know if it really interests you?  Well, my friend, you’ve come to the right place.  For absolutely, positively, no commitment is required to find out if Tears of Heaven is right for you.  For the low, low, incredibly no-cost price of zero dollars, and zero cents, you can read the first chapter ABSOLUTELY FREE!

That’s right, ABSOLUTELY FREE!

No sign-up fees.  No credit card numbers.  No email addresses.  Nothing.


Here’s a sample now, and at the bottom you’ll have a link where you can read the first chapter of Tears of Heaven today!

June 14, 223 BCE

She stood tall, proud, strong, beautiful, wearing only heavy shackles, in the warm sun.  A bright sheen of sweat made her olive skin glisten and sparkle.  She was almost completely devoid of hair, a point that Aeschylus, the slave-master and auctioneer, was demonstrating even now.  He ordered her to lift her arms and open her legs so that all could inspect this fine specimen of femininity.
Damascus, Dami to his friends, didn’t know all the tricks of the slave trade, but hair could be removed, paints and tinctures could be used to hide scars and wash over the average.  So the features of the slave girl didn’t particularly strike him.
Still, there was something about her, something that reminded him of . . .
Carefully and casually, so as to not draw attention, he hefted his money pouch tied to his broad leather belt, opposite his short sword.  He weighed its likely worth against the likely worth of the girl, and knew he was already outbid.
“Aeolus,” he whispered to the man next to him.  The short, stocky man didn’t turn away from the bidding, but he did cock his curly head to one side to let Dami know he listened.  “How much have you?”
“For her?” Aeolus shrugged. “You’d have to pay me.”
Aeolus laughed at his own joke, which to Dami always sounded like a cross between a cough and a bark.
“Come now, how much?”
“Look at her,” Aeolus said, as he unfolded one arm from across his broad chest and gestured with his thick-fingered hand. “She has no hips, at least not enough for one or two babes, and her breasts are not even a half handful.  A child will starve trying to suckle.  There’s no meat on her, and what there is looks to be field muscle.  She has nothing to give a growing child warmth.  She’s not worth a shekel for birthing.”
“I don’t want her to give children,” Dami replied.
“What good is a slave girl except for children?  Oh sure, you love them at your whim, but when they grow older, what’s the point?  If they haven’t given you daughters to marry or sell, and sons to make you immortal, you’re just wasting your seed.”
“Pah,” Dami replied, now slightly annoyed.  “You have no soul, man.”
“Sold it,” Aeolus replied, with another barking laugh.  “Kept getting in the way.  Got a good price for it, too.”
“And drank it on a single cup of vinegar-wine,” Dami retorted.  “Come now, Aeolus, I know you won well on the horses last night, and you’ve been lucky at the dice cups all week.  You’re carrying half my profits.”
“I’d have all your profits, if you could hold your drink,” Aeolus replied.  “But I don’t mean to part with any of them until that plump little thing comes up; she’ll bear five or ten babes with ease, and not a one will ever starve.  And I mean to have me a horse as well, so stop asking.”
“Fifteen shekels?” Aeschylus cried in mock exasperation.  “Is that all I’m bid on the fine, the fair Water Lily?  Come now, she will keep your bed warm at night, and during the day too.”  He turned her around and slapped her rump. “See, firm and ready for the right man to set his plow.  Now what am I bid?  Give me good bids for Water Lily!”
“Seventeen,” a voice cried out.
“Nineteen,” another replied.

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