Thursday, June 22, 2017

Count Down — One Week

It’s safe to say the real countdown begins today.

One week until the Cover Reveal on Thursday, June 29th.

Five weeks until the re-release of Tears of Heaven!

We’ve selected a cover artist for Hell Becomes Her, and I’m very excited to work with her.  After reviewing all kinds of excellent portfolios, I felt she was the closest to the look and feel that is Del’s urban fantasy / angelpunk world.

Company of the Damned has really picked up pace.  Chapter 10 is complete.  Chapter 11 is nearly done (haha, you smart-asses!).  Word count stands just over 68,000!

Grab your SIG .45s, some cold-forged iron spikes, and get ready for some divine wrath from your favorite sarcastic half-angel!

Sooner than last week . . . 

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