Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Bernie Sanders—True, Verified and Really Real Facts

Bernie may have a point.  But what does Hilary think?
I found this list both enlightening and deeply moving.  In reverse order, it’s #ThingsBernieSandersHates:

10—Smooth Jazz.  Bernie is more of a Muzak guy.  He can often be found in the Capitol Hill elevators, jamming out.

9—When celebrities claim to be environmentalists.  Pick one, damnit.  Bernie doesn’t have time for you to be a triple threat.

8—People who point at their wrist when asking the time.  “I know where my watch is pal, and it’s not on my wrist!” Bernie will tell them.

7—Turn signals.  Pure government bloat.  The car turns just fine without it.

6—The phrase, “Have your cake and eat it too!”  It’s not your cake.  It’s everyone’s cake.  If you’re good, you’ll get a slice.

5—Unicorns.  Always unconventional, Bernie prefers Chimeras and Pegasi to the ever popular pinnacle of equestrian dreams.

4—Extra thick plastic packaging for electronic devices.  “We get it,” Bernie said.  “You don’t want it ripped out at the store.  So do what GameStop does and keep the product behind the counter!”

3—Dirty dishes in the sink.  It only takes a moment to rinse and put them in the dishwasher.

2—Parents who give their kids weird names.  Bernie.

1—Automated Customer Service that asks for your information AND then the actual human asks for it again!

I was pleasantly surprised that a lot of the key issues of Bernie’s campaign didn’t make this list.  It just shows that the Bernie Sanders waters run deep and are unfathomable.

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