Monday, March 21, 2016

In the Category of Ouch - Part II

Point out on the doll where the mean migraine touched you!
The absolute best part of spending the entire day in ER with a face-melting migraine is when they have you read the new(ish) policy of no narcotics through bleary and pain-spotted eyes.  “Did you understand the policy, Mr. McCandless?” I was asked by the nurse.  Really?  I have to take a reading comprehension test when it’s obvious my mental capacity has been diminished to that of an 8-year-old who wants to curl up in a ball and consider being tapped on the head with a ball peen hammer as a viable option?

But the capper, the real cherry on top, was being given a drug that made me nervous, paranoid AND did nothing for the brain-splitting pain I came in for in the first place.

I did like the Benadryl though.  Made me sleep through the worst.


  1. I had to BEG and offer up my only child to finally get a nurse to take pity on me. She went up to the surgery ward and got me 2 tablets of Fioricet. Took those and 15 minutes later was waltzing out of the ER after six hours of nauseating, blinding pain. I once had a neurologist tell me that I was getting migraines because I wore high heels. That's not your problem, is it? Good luck.

    1. I wear hikers that have a slightly elevated heel, so possibly. But they make my legs look great! ;-)