Friday, March 4, 2016

Facebook and Politics

But not against the willfully blind, grasshopper!
I have to share a little story with you.  Today, out of the blue, someone questioned a Trump quote that I posted up.  Now, you know me, so I was about 99.44% certain the quote I’d posted was real.  Still, there’s a margin for error and called into question, I’m willing to go the distance.  I did the research, a simple enough matter with my Google-fu, and found the quote in a video on CNN.


But before I could post up the videolink that showed Trump saying the quote, this individual in question, with whom I’ve never interacted before, and so never even had the chance to insult, decided that my “sin” of potentially misquoting Trump was enough to block me.  Not that I care that much, it was wholly laughable.  But, as with most political discussion, it made me very grateful to have you as a friend, because I know any political discussion with you will be reasonable and worthwhile, regardless where we each end up.

Hopefully at the bar.  You’re buying.

By the way, you’re going to hell.

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