Monday, January 4, 2016

Welcome to 2016—Four More Reviews

If reviews were cupcakes they'd taste this good!
There are many nice things about the holidays—warm fires, good Scotch, children playing quietly on the 3DS they spent days and weeks begging and pleading for.  The best for a writer, especially an indie/small press author, is reviews.

Lots of reviews.

The more reviews the better.

Around 25 reviews, Amazon’s algorithm starts to include a book in the “Also Bought” and “You Might Like” categories.  These are helpful if you happen to be interested in a specific genre, say urban fantasy, and would like to read similar titles.  Starting around 50 reviews, Amazon begins to really get aroused.  The system will start to look more seriously at the book and may push it to spotlight positions.

I went on my short (too short) vacation with ten reviews and came back to four more.  Some very kind people had a lot of nice things to say about Hell Becomes Her, which always makes my heart go pitter-pat.

The internet really needs the ability to send a drink of choice as needed.

[W]hen things get down to business, McCandless is very good at creating tension.—WR--Reckless Traveler

WOW! Seriously, WOW! Action, depth of characters, pacing, fascinating plot, realistic and vivid descriptions, this book HAS IT ALL!!!—MagicSkip

The blending of reality and mythology is excellent, making everything that happens as believable as possible in a fantasy novel.—Robert Clark

This could easily be a terrific film or long form TV series.—Christopher Taylor

Thank you all.  Thank you so much for your kind words.  Your enjoyment and your support is really what puts me back at the keyboard, banging away on the next installment.

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