Friday, May 29, 2015

One Million Reasons to Protest

Recently, One Million Moms decided that the new show Lucifer deserved to be protested.  I can’t say
Because Satan is worse than anything!
enough good things about a group that suggests they have a million (or more) members, but in reality only have a few thousand, and use that imaginary clout to cow advertisers and networks into their bidding.

The wants of the few, or the one, truly do outweigh those of the many.

Having seen the light, I reached out to One Million Moms via Twitter and let them know I not only agree with their heavy-handed approach to censorship under the guise of Christian morality, but that they should also protest my book Tears of Heaven.

Here's the Tweet I sent them:

Protest this book @1milmoms—Strong female character saves the word and doesn’t cook

Unable to come up with 666 reasons for why they should protest, I settled on the following:

#6 Reason to Protest
It's chock full of strong female protagonists fighting pirates and slaying demons!

#5 Reason to Protest
You read the book. Did you ever see Del cook, clean, or get her husband a Scotch on the rocks after work?

#4 Reason to Protest
Strong, witty, female protagonists who kick butt and take names SHOULD NOT be allowed into the hands of impressionable readers!

#3 Reason to Protest
Get on board with decent Christian values and morality. Men and women fighting together to save the world? The Bible won't stand for this and neither should we!

#2 Reason to Protest

#1 Reason to Protest
Reading might make people think.  Thinking might make people . . . ummm . . . I dunno.



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