Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Tweets for Twuts?

Twitter is a complete mystery.  “Get Twitter and get tweeting,” my editor told me.  So I did.  But I
But don't expect me to know where we're going.
honestly don’t understand Twitter.

“Link your blog to your Twitter to your Facebook,” a friend told me.

I did that too.  Blogging, I sorta get.  Back in the way back of the early ‘90s, I followed an internet friend’s blog religiously.  It was filled with heartache and longing and pain and desperation.  I’d never really encountered someone so willing to share so many intimate details of thoughts and feelings and emotions.  It was enthralling reading.

Now, of course, it would be considered common-place.  Mundane.

But I linked my blog to my Twitter to my Facebook.  How I did that, I can’t recall.  I probably could not repeat the procedure, or undo any part of it should the desire/need arise.

“You’re tweeting wrong,” two friends said during a Twitter intervention.  “You’re only marketing.  You need more content.  Tweet some funny.  Tweet some content.”

So I started doing that.

Now, I tweet anything that tickles my funnybone.  Some is thoughts that occur to me.  Some  is stuff I’ve heard or seen or read.  Some of it I think I actually made up, but I’m probably stealing from somewhere else out to the recesses of my semi-functional brain.

I have a 165+ followers, so I guess I’m doing something right.  Every few days, another someone I’ve never met, and never heard of, follows me.  It’s deeply appreciated.  Anyone who finds my blog-Twitter-Facebook-linked material worthy of interest has my personal thanks.

I still don't get it, but please follow me: @RobRoyMcCandles

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  1. Your Tweets are like wee punchlines throughout the day! If I didn't follow you already, I would follow you to find out how you come up with some of these things.