Friday, March 27, 2015

Of Interest - Rob as Writer

I was nominated by SK Delph a few days ago to list seven things about myself as a writer that most
As cold as the hole where my heart should be.
people don’t know.  Since I’ve been heavily active marketing over the last two years, there’s not much that folks who follow me don’t know.  But I came up with a few things:

1. My first “book” was actually culled together by stolen pieces from other authors.  It disappeared, and that’s a good thing.

2. In high school, I was introduced to the “coldest haiku ever written”.  I then set out to write one that was colder.  I have no idea where my poem went or who wrote the one that inspired me.  I got an A on the project.

3. Despite being a solid fantasy genre writer, my wife thinks that I write better romance.  She constantly urges me to write more relationship/love stories.

4. I love the true steampunk aesthetic (as opposed to female models dressed in skimpy/revealing clothes and a pair of goggles).  If you ever feel the need to prove yourself, something from the Datamancer collection would cement us forever.

5. Almost every name of a main character or place has meaning.  If you can figure it out, you’ll know about a plot-twist or upcoming event.

6. I’m very concerned about the logic of my plots.  So much so that I enlist specific beta-readers to challenge the way the events go down.  I’m willing to rewrite whole chapters, or vast sections if the logic doesn’t work.

7. I like to drink a 44 oz Dr Pepper from the Circle K across the street.  I do this almost unconsciously as I write, to the point that I won’t even realize it’s empty.  I’ll attempt, three or four times, to take one more drink before I recognize that I’ve had my last some time ago.

Thanks SK.  This was a lot of fun!

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