Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Review from Subterraneal Jasiland

A lovely review from Jasmine Brennan:

[TEARS OF HEAVEN] was actually the first self-published/indie book I read and it instantly made me wonder why I’d taken so long. The concept of a protagonist’s story broken up into two story lines set hundreds of years apart might seem a little ambitious for a first time novelist to tackle, but RA McCandless deftly handles the transitions between the two timelines. You get the feeling while reading that the author absolutely loves his protagonist and wants to covey not only a fast paced action story (swords! guns! exploding devils!), but also the inner workings behind what makes this fantastical character tick. What motivation could an angelic being have to protect humanity and wade into the age old battle of good vs. evil. Or, good vs. gooder, even. Other than the fact that she really likes guns and kicking devil ass. I found myself rooting for both Dels; the slave-slash-hopeful Del and the end of her rope devil assassin Del, but for different reasons, which I won’t give away, here.

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