Thursday, January 15, 2015

Eleven Lessons from Lorelai

Lessons learned from Gilmore Girls:
Our show lasted way too long!
1 – Always wait to communicate important information to a loved one or family member.  When it’s revealed awkwardly and at the worst possible moment, they’ll understand and it will create no drama whatsoever.

2 – Never compromise

3 – Luke will always come to your rescue, even when he shouldn’t.

4 – Witty banter is a substitute for character and character growth (especially in Season 7).

5 – Never compromise.  Ever.

6 – No matter how reasonable or transparent their objectives, rich parents are always “evil”.

7 – Being accepted to multiple premiere universities and graduate schools happens all the time.

8 – Growing up rich will in no way impact your outlook, lifestyle or accent if you leave home at 16.

9 – In general, fathers are never present throughout their child’s entire life.

10 – If you’re pretty, and pouty and can talk quickly with random pop-culture references, someone (most likely Luke) will come to your rescue.

11 – Never compromise.  Not now, not ever.  Especially not on the small things, and definitely not the large things.  Even for someone you’re engaged and/or married to.  Never.

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