Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Write it Right Now

What makes the muskrat guard his musk?

What do you do when you hit that wall?  Smash into the Writer's Block?  When you’re certain every word you put down on the page is pure and utter drivel?  Not the good drivel either, but the bad to worse kind.  The kind that people read, snicker, and openly point in small groups as you pass by.

Pop quiz, hotshot: What do you do?


Write through it. Write around it. Write over it. Write under it.


Whatever got stuck in your head, or felt bad to you as you were working can be ironed out later in editing. That's what editing is for. But you don't get to edit a novel if you don't have a novel to edit.

So write.

Write the scenes ahead that you know are awesome, or that you were inspired to write. Write the dialogue with the snappy one-liners and the witty comebacks. Write the description of the castle or the knight or the warrior princess that got you going in the first place. Later, you can go back and connect the dots.

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