Friday, December 19, 2014

Some Books are Longer than Others

“I should think they ought to be long enough to reach from your body to the ground.”
Abraham Lincoln
When asked how long a man’s legs should be

There are plenty, even too many, articles on how long books should be.  So much so that instead of writing an article on the subject, it’s better if you just click this link to Writer’s Digest and read a reasonable approximation on the subject.  While a story should be long enough to reach the end, if you want to publish, you should be aware of certain milestones.  They can be broken, but it’s a rare thing.

It's not the size of the book . . .
If I’m not going to talk about word count, what is this article about?

The current word count for Hell Becomes Her.  I’ve just wrapped up the latest chapter, sent it off to my beta team, and received good responses.  I folded it into the manuscript draft, and with one or two chapters to go, the novel is now at 70,481 words.

This puts the book within striking distance of my 75,000 to 80,000 word goal.

The next chapter, which should be the last chapter, is well on its way, which is as it should be.  That puts the book near completion, and that is well worth sharing with everyone.

Happy holidays!

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