Wednesday, September 4, 2019

The Death and Life of iPods

So friggin' sweet!

Based on trial and error, I’ve discovered that it’s an error to try washing your iPod.  As the helpful lady at Verizon once told me: electronics and water don’t mix.

There are no problems, only opportunities . . . at least, that’s what my wife told me as I mourned the loss of another electronic device to our evil, evil wash machine. What has that washer ever done for us, except get our clothes clean and smelling like a meadow of flowers in the spring!?

Too young. That iPod Nano 6th Generation was barely out of its teens!

Eventually, I had to stop crying. Mostly because my wife threatened that I’d get no more root beer floats if I “kept up this nonsense.”

The story becomes both more and less convoluted as we move forward.  A little of a year ago, in an attempt to rid myself of troublesome wires for my running headphones, I invited in a Kickstarter for what was claimed to be “The World’s First True Wireless Headphones” by EOZ Audio. The bragging went on from there, and being that sucker who was born many, many yesterdays ago, I shelled out for them.

Then, the problems-and-solutions started.
You bought what? For how much!?

The iPod Nano 6 lacks Bluetooth BUT There are no end of Bluetooth adapters designed specifically for this iPod BUT the fact that they’ll suck your battery dry faster than a legion of vampires in a blood bank is cleverly not stated in the literature BUT I solved this problem by purchasing a small, external battery BUT I now had a package roughly ten times the weight (I said roughly), required a cord, and added another thing that I had to haul around in my pocket while running.

Also, the EOZ Audio headphones didn’t work right. They kept dropping the signal, wouldn’t connect, became spotty, etc.

I assumed the Bluetooth adapter was the problem, so I figured I’d solve ALL those problems by upgrading to the iPod Nano 7. I found one CHEAP on eBay where the headphone jack didn’t work, but Bluetooth was fine.


Gently used.
Except, it wasn’t. The EOZ Audio headphones didn’t work right. They kept dropping the signal, wouldn’t connect, became spotty, etc. EOZ Audio sent me a new set of headphones, which also didn’t work right. Then, they stopped talking to me.

I reverted back to my trusty, loyal, iPod 6 and my old wired headphones. Surely, simplicity is best when it’s easiest—and doesn’t cost me more money. Which is how it ended up in my pants pocket, where it met an untimely demise during the best years of its life.

Also, thanks for staying with me this far.

With only the iPod Nano 7, and no headphones that would work, I did what I should have done in the first place: RESEARCH. A quick summary from a number of review sites and I’d found the truly wireless headphones that would work specifically for me as a runner: Anker Soundcore Liberty.

I LOVE THEM! They sit snugly in my ears, the sound is great, they have decent battery life and don’t suck the power from my iPod 7, and most of all, they don’t drop the signal, refuse to connect, or provide spotty playback.

I’ve only used them for a week, so I’m holding off on a ticker-tape parade . . . but I am saving up my ticker-tape!

What do you listen to and with?
Tell me in the comments below!

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