Tuesday, April 23, 2019

NetGalley and The Clockwork Detective

Now with 73% more airships!

Do you have a NetGalley account? Would you like one?

The Clockwork Detective is available for review on NetGalley!

I love it. I’ve loved it for years. I’ve been a member since I first heard about it in 2015, and while I’m not a power user by any stretch, I’ve enjoyed a number of titles from the site, and been exposed to some excellent authors I wouldn’t have otherwise known about.

The idea is simple.

Reviews are hard to get. Friends and family can give reviews, but sometimes Amazon (the 3,000 pound gorilla in publishing) puts the kybosh on that, removing those deemed “biased”. Asking fans for reviews can get the same result. Even seeking out reviews from reasonably distant “strangers” can still have the same affect.

Then, there’s the issue of non-response. Some reviewers, with the best of intentions, won’t review a book. There are any number of reasons for this, but the end result is the same—the effort the author put into getting someone to read and review the book is wasted.

Still not enough airships!
Enter NetGalley. It’s not a perfect solution, by any means, but there is a larger degree of accountability. Readers sign up for books that interest you, and publishers/authors/marketing assistants vet potential reviewers based on self-reported interests, previous reviews, and the number of reviews you’ve written, etc.

This means that a steampunk book isn’t given to a fan of romance genre who has a 28% completion rating. Instead, if you’re into the genre and you’re good about actually reviewing the books you say you will, you get the book. There are some really big names that show up on the site, and that’s a “free” book for your honest and timely review.

So, if you’re interested in reviewing The Clockwork Detective (or any other of their hundreds of titles) please sign up and give it a whirl.  It takes about five to ten minutes to complete your profile and then you’re off and running, reading books and giving your opinions on them!

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