Monday, November 5, 2018

Re-Re-Release News!

Also, there will be some steampunk news soon!

Hey, thanks for still following me on this wild and crazy adventure into publishing.  I’m told I’ve been working on being an actual, published author for about five years now.  That’s a bit nuts.  I am very excited to announce some very tentative dates for the re-release of my books:

Cover Reveal for TEARS OF HEAVEN—November
Publisher edits of TEARS OF HEAVEN—November
Re-release of TEARS OF HEAVEN—November/December
Cover Reveal for HELL BECOMES HER—December/January
Publisher edits of HELL BECOMES HER—December/January
Re-release of HELL BECOMES HER—January/February

Depending on how far I’ve written on the tentative stand-alone JANE IVEY story, I’ll either push to release that one OR we’re looking to release the third and final installment of Del’s adventures in COMPANY OF THE DAMNED.

Would you prefer to read the final Del story first, or the in-between Jane book?  Tell me in the comments below!

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