Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Wanna Play Piano?

He knows ALL the notes!

Have you wanted to learn piano?  I have a buddy who is looking to teach you:

To whom it may concern:

My name is Humberto Olivieri. I am a pianist, composer and educator living in New York. I have taught music in Florida, Venezuela and New York, both privately and in schools. I have taught all levels and a fairly wide range of ages, from 6 to 50 years old. I would like to offer my services as a music educator and lecturer. Back in my hometown of Venezuela, I worked both as a Piano Educator and a Lecturer, to introduce the concept of Jazz Music and Jazz Harmony to the Venezuelan people. These Lectures served as workshops, where the students could ask questions, and also, they were invited to play some music as well.

Teaching has always been important to me, because my own piano teacher, Bruna Monestiroli (a student of Alfredo Casella) was a major inspiration both from the performance and the teaching point of view. Sharing the passion of music with other people, and giving them tools to express themselves musically has been as inspiring to me, as being able to perform and compose music.

My personal philosophy about teaching music to children, is first and foremost to show them that music is fun, and welcomes exploration, humor and individual expression. And since young children have a strong difficulty remaining focused for long periods of time, it is especially important to make the lessons as interactive, entertaining and stimulating as possible. I believe music, when taught properly, can help children develop their brains and acquire better cognitive and social skills that will shape their personalities for the future.

You can watch a sample of me teaching a lesson. This is a lesson for advanced students, but nonetheless, it gives you a better idea of my teaching approach:

Let me know if you have any questions

Humberto O.

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