Monday, May 1, 2017

Aliens vs Couples—More Meh for Your Moolah

Sums it up nicely.
Have you caught the trailer for the newest Aliens installment?

Underwhelmed is the term that comes to mind.  Maybe the series has just panned out, and there's no real point anymore.  At least George Lucas tried to ratchet up the effects and provide greater "depth" to his stories.  Sure, he stripped Star Wars of everything that made it fun and worthwhile, but he tried.

This just seems like more of the same.  Not even an interesting level of the same—Alien: Covenant still has scientists putting their faces right up to an alien pod-thingy as it opens up for a "jump scare" that has to be in quotes because it will not be a scare worthy of jumping, hopping, or even adjusting in your seat.  Here it is:

It's not even a red-band trailer!  Green.  C'mon Ridley, baby.  Give us the goods.  Embrace your hard R!

Certainly, like the Fast & Furious crowd, I’ll continue to watch these.  I’m a completist, after all.  But I’m certainly not going to spend a babysitter’s worth of effort, time and money to catch this one in the theaters. 

Home theater will be just fine.

Prometheus probably bugged me (haha, get it!?) the most, when supposed space archaeologists, anthropologists, and other "ists" randomly stomped around, over, in and through an ancient find that should pretty much shatter all scientists minds on a level of Tunguska Event proportions.  But nope.  Blundering 2D characters making obvious, forced-scripted errors so we can get to the "good stuff" of the Aliens doing their Alien-kill thing.

Well, alright then.  But this is the second to last time, do you hear me!?

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  1. Good one I agree. After seeing the trailer I feel I've seen the movie. When it comes to "ists" in SciFi Aliens prefer the "Meatier-ologists" anyway.